Excerpt from that Facebook event wall (with the Anti-French remarks are deleted):

Me: This is dumb. We can affect climate change by taxing oil more and laxing regulations on trade of nuclear-power technology and coal-gasification technology to highly polluting countries such as China and India.

But then again, if this is going to be such a largescale event, I suppose electricity will be cheaper, eh? Demand goes down, prices go down.

Mmm. Savings.

Person B: Yan, that’s like saying you’ll get people to quit smoking by taxing it more. No, people will find other ways to spend money on oil because they’re so dependent upon it.

Person C: Jinghao has a point there

Person D: I say we just pass the buck to China and be done with it.

Person C: China. I think they might take over in my lifetime.

Me: Maybe we can all stop breathing for those five minutes. Each person oxidizes enough food each 5 minutes to produce 5 g of CO2. If we get a million people to stop breathing for five minutes, we can prevent 5 million grams of CO2 from being produced. Cool, huh?

Person B: Jinghao, you’re really not helping the Asian stereotype, my friend.

Me: On the other hand, if everyone (6.54 billion people) stopped breathing for 5 mins, we prevent 32.7 billion g of CO2 from being produced

Person C: Ah! Hahaha…No, just tell everyone to stop breathing for ten….Population control!

Person E: I like the way you think. I’m going into air traffic control. Perhaps if we all coordinated…

Ha, you think I want to?

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