My MIT Interviewer

Cheponis is really nice. He contacted me as soon as he found out I was waitlisted, and gave me options on what to do if I still want to go to MIT. And when I responded, he immediately replied. Here’s an excerpt:

You will make fundamental contributions to Human knowledge. I strongly believe that.

If you really really want to go to MIT, do exactly what they suggest, returning the card, etc. I can write another note to the committee if you like. My personal guess is that 20-40 spots from the wait list will be used. As the note, below, says, you’re qualified, else you wouldn’t be on the wait list!

And, again I’ll mention as I mentioned to you in person, if you go elsewhere for undergrad, be _sure_ to apply to MIT for Grad School, as you mention.

I hope he won’t mind my posting this online, but it isn’t anything unflattering to him.

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