Princeton University Rejection Letter

Look at how Princeton’s printer desecrated my rejection letter! Some parts of the print are noticeably shifted; it looked like the printer’s motor wasn’t in sync with the printer itself; and the printer spewed some random residual text on the bottom! Gosh, Princeton, I was going to hang this on Mr. Miller’s Wall of Shame, but now you’ve tarnished it beyond relief! At least let me be rejected with dignity! — Give me the opportunity to paste this on Mr. Miller’s wall. Actually, pasting this Princeton blunder might not be a bad idea.

Just for a comparison and to prove the quality is not derived from my shaky hands (My cam comes with image stabilization!) look at how much cleaner Caltech’s letter is:

Caltech Admission Letter

2 thoughts on “Desecration

  1. Greg Courville

    The printers at Harvey Mudd College evidently have a similar problem. Frankly, given how much we paid to apply, I think they should put a few more cents into the printing effort… :-D
    Then again, the Princeton letter had better grammar.

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