Fun with my camera

I’ve been having tons of fun with the superzoom option on my 200 dollar camera (12x optical and 8x digital), and here are some examples:

  1. The notes of some UCB administrator during the speech in the (very) big auditorium. My 12×8 zoom got me this far, but that’s pretty much it. No way my hands could be still enough to get that much detail:

    Chancellor’s notes

  2. Random house way up on some distant hill, taken from a shady spot at Leland. I get some good details, surprisingly, since I was able to hold the cam steady:

    Random house

  3. Mount Umunhum (thanks, Joey), taken from Leland. If my hands were steadier and if there existed no atmosphere for light to be distorted in, this picture would’ve come out better.

    Mount Umunhum

  4. Random parking permit on a random car:

    Parking Permit

  5. Balls sticking out of the sculpture garden:


  6. Circular rainbows, taken while outside “working on physics”:

    Circular rainbow 1


    Circular Rainbow 2

  7. Two very bad images of Venus, taken two hours after sunset. As you can tell, my hands weren’t as stable as they should be:

    Venus 2Venus 1

  8. And the finale! A power structure:

    power structure

Superzooms are particularly fun to play with :) I love optics.

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