I must suck at them. With the exception of Stanford, all the colleges and scholarships for which I had to interview, I did not get admitted to, while all that which I did not interview for, I did get. Weird, huh?

Colleges I interviewed for, and got rejected from: MIT (waitlist=delayed rejection), Harvard, Princeton (didn’t expect entry, though)
Colleges I didn’t interview for, and got accepted to: Caltech, UCs (EECS @ Berkeley, LA, SD)

I also finaled for the Regents/Chancellor’s scholarship (and a couple alumni scholarships) at Cal, but after the interview, they decided against my receiving any of them. This is quite a coincidence, if it is one.

What does this mean? Does it mean that I’m just not a very personable interviewee? Someone the interviewer(s) cannot relate to? Someone who cannot clearly and fluently articulate (verbally) in his third language, English? (no public speaking skills, obviously!) … or cynical yet, Asian–Chinese–and male?

Or some combination of them all? <– probably that. So, anyone else suffer from interview-related problems? :P

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  1. Joey

    Or maybe the most selective things usually have interviews required.

    um, duh of course I have interview-related problems. well actually depends on the person and what I get asked. If you ask me stuff like “where do you see yourself in 5 years” or “what is your greatest failure” I’ll probably glare and say “not getting into _____ because I failed this interview”

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