Old memories…

As I was deleting old documents from highschool (and prior to that), I stumbled upon what you see below–a self-addressed letter I wrote as an eighth-grader. It’s really funny how close to reality it is, in some ways, and how off it is, in other ways. No mocking–just enjoy, if you want:

Yan, Jinghao
Period 1, 6/04/03
Letter to Future Self

Dear Jinghao,

This is you 4 years ago. I’m writing this letter for my 8th grade Language Arts final project. In this project, I am supposed to write a letter to my future self as a senior in High School, about to graduate. This means to you!

Currently, I am a “nice to some, mean to others” kind of person. I hope I can be a “nice to all” kind of person in the future. I am good at math and science, but am hoping to improve in languages. Right now, I am not very good at swimming and some other sports, but I hope to improve in those areas.

I hope to finish calculus before my senior year and take at least 10 AP classes. I hope to have many more friends during my High School years, at least more than I do now. I also hope to be healthier because I get sick very easily, although I do heal fast. Mainly, I hope to be a better person.

After High School, I plan on going to an UC, hopefully Berkeley, or maybe even Stanford. If I am really successful in High School, I might go to Caltech! I hope that all my hopes will become reality, but I won’t know until I finish High School!

Jinghao Yan

Sniff, sniff.

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