Perfectly Competitive Job Market

So for the first time in a life time, my parents hired this Mexican guy (Mexican 1) to mow our lawn since they were excessively busy preparing for our trip to China. We paid him 25 bucks, and he provided the equipment, gasoline, among other things.

Halfway through his job, another Mexican, Mexican 2 (this guy lives down the street), comes over and beats up Mexican 1 while causing a mess with the pile of plant material Mexican 1 meticulously collected. Mexican 2 complained about how Mexican 1 was an unlicensed worker and how he’s stealing the job that’s rightfully his (Mexican 2′s). Mexican 1 was silent the whole time.

Enraged by Mexican 1′s calm demeanor, Mexican 2 assaulted him again, this time screaming something along the lines of “GO BACK TO MEXICO, YOU F@$KING [Niger]!” (I guess this guy can’t pronounce Niger either :P ). Ironic, since they’re both Mexican and the second one can’t tell the difference between a Nigerian resident and a Veracruz resident.

I guess of the 25 bucks we paid, 2 dollars go into gasoline and 20 go into his health insurance. Poor Mexican, getting beat up by another Mexican for stealing his job. At least we have concrete assurances that the free market system works in this world :)

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