AP Scores

I just picked up my mail and saw my AP scores. They were much better than I had anticipated; at least AP Bio was (5). Hooray for Bowen Education! My 5 in Macro won’t help me at all (not even units) because I would need a complementary 4 in Micro in order to get Econ 1 credit. 5 in Physics C: EM doesn’t help either because Berkeley’s Engineering department doesn’t believe the EM is intensive enough (it really isn’t–I learned it the hours before the test). I took most of these APs because they would’ve counted towards MIT, but I never got off the waitlist. (Caltech doesn’t count them)

I really wish I got a 5 in lit, though. I know I shouldn’t've expected any higher than a 4, but a four means nothing to my credits.

Engineering school is too strict.

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