Berkeley Email Forwards

Many people have asked me how they can avoid the disgusting SquirrelMail interface of CalMail, and I have suggested forwarding the emails to the primary email address. Here’s how you can do that:

For Yahoo! Mail Users:

Note: You must be in the original mode (not the Beta mode) to do this. If you are not in the original mode, click switch back after you are logged in.

Go to Options (top-right of the page), then to Mail Addresses under Management. Click the Add button, make up a label for your mail, then click continue. On the next page, put “” in the input box designated as the “Mail Server” and your CalMail username/password in their respective boxes. Choose a color to associate mail with. Click “Setup Mail Server”, and you are done!

For GMail Users:

Login, then click on “Settings” (top-right corner). Select the Accounts tab, then scroll down to “Get mail from other accounts”. Add a mail account with the same details as above ( for the POP server, 995 for the port number). Set other settings as you please, and you are done.

For Windows Live Mail Users:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Windows Live account, so figure it out based on the above.

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