Maxis Commentary?

Was Maxis trying to make a political commentary with its SimCity 4 program? Apparently if I charge the low-income residents 20% tax and the high income residents 0% tax, my deficit becomes a 30% surplus. Meh, whatever works for my city! Is it a bug or was it intentional?

Making money is a lot harder than it looks. When my water gets really contaminated, the whole system shuts down. When that happens, unfortunately, I lose 97% of my population. (21k to 800 ish) When that happens, I have no population to insanely tax, so I have to take out loans :( . I hate loans.

2 thoughts on “Maxis Commentary?

  1. Joey

    lol instead of loans I set up a neighboring city to leech off of, with a whole bunch of utilities and an absolute disregard of its citizens. Then I sell cheap electricity/water to my primary city.

    I set my taxes low on the rich because they build pretty houses and clean businesses :P

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